Pistachios Separating Machine (open-closed)
  • Parts in contact with product made in stainless 304, rest in carbon steel and painted
  • Drum with 955 mm diameter and 3500 mm of length
  • Cylinder drive through pinion and chains with gear motor
  • Inner collection hopper adjustable on both sides
  • Interior belt for collection of open pistachios, made with alimentary band  driven by gear motor
  • Adjusting the inclination of the drum by usillo
Breaking Line for Pistachios
  • For breaking closed and stained pistachios
  • All parts in direct contact with pistachios made in 304 stainless steel (rest in painted carbon steel)
  • Recommended before calibrated to improve the hulled
  • Powered by 2 HP gear motor
Air Separator for Pistachios
  • Especially suitable for pistachio.
  • Support frame for mobile containers (can also be used to take out big-bags) with lower hopper made of stainless steel
  • Vibrating feeder for dispensing product from discharge hopper to separator inlet mouth (stainless steel 304)
  • Air separator. This equipment used an air stream generated by a centrifugal fan that causes the least heavy product (peel, leaf, vain product, etc ..) climb to the top and crash with deflector falling by the lateral mouth. Usefull product drops by the exit outlet.
  • Support for big-bag of finished product, made in carbon steel
  • Electrical control panel
Separating Machine According Sizes
  • Parts in contact with product made with stainless 304
  • Constructed with four rollers with adjustable separation between them for different calibers or sizes
  • Inlet distributor product with drapes on two rollers
  • Loading over vibrating trays made with stainless 304
  • Power motor of 1HP drive by belts and pulleys
  • Outlets with the possibility of graduating to collect up to 5 different sizes
Inox Containers
  • Made of stainless steel 304 except carbon structure
  • With holes for ventilation
  • Capacity for 1.5
  • For use with forklift